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From almost all booklets we show a scan. By clicking the thumbnail, the image will be enlarged. It is not possible to show booklet cover and pane. We made a choice. Do you want to know or to see more, just ask.


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It's no exaggeration to say that Booklets International has the world's largest selection of stampbooklets. And you can find them all on this website. The stock changes of course daily and the availability also changes. When a booklet gets out of stock, it disappears from the website. But you can always ask us for booklets which are not available at the moment. Wantlists are welcome.




We try to actualize the website daily with new issues and new offers. With the functionality FEED you can subscribe to news about new issues/offers. You also can find latest news, additions and comments on We welcome your reactions. Twitter is in English language only in order to reach a maximum of collectors.




We use, as far as possible, catalogue numbers of Stanley Gibbons (Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Ireland and more Commonwealth countries), Yvert (France), Michel (Germany, Switzerland, Europe), Netherlands (NVPH), Scott (USA), Facit (Scandinavia) and some others. And where we are missing a good catalogue, we give our own numbers.

For old booklets we even sometimes use 'good old' Rogers "Postal Booklet Catalogue"(1947) and for some specialism the "World Booklet Catalogue" (1985-1997) of Postaumaat.